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2020 Problem :Major Microsoft Programs Reach End of Life!

In 2020 all of the following software reaches the end of its life:

Small Business Server 2011

Windows Server 2008

Exchange 2010

Windows 7

Office 2010

Because we estimate that 1 in 3 businesses rely on this software every day.

This is a big problem for businesses. Here’s what “end of life” actually means.

It means Microsoft will no longer support and fix the software. It will abandon it to focus its teams on supporting newer software.

This creates four key problems for businesses still using it:

Problem 1

If it breaks… it’ll stay broken.

Problem 2

If you need support on a problem you’ve not come across before, there’ll be

no-one there to help.

Problem 3

Your business will no longer be GDPR compliant. GDPR requires that any software you use is suitable. End of life software doesn’t count.

Problem 4

This is the biggie – end of life software is

commonly targeted by hackers. Because they can exploit old vulnerabilities, safe in the knowledge that Microsoft won’t spot what they’re doing and fix the problem. The end of security updates creates huge data security problems.

If yours is one of the hundreds of thousands of businesses that rely on this software – you need to upgrade

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