We can offer VoIP service for your business.


Universe is the world’s most user friendly and attractive cloud phone system. Designed to give you, the user, the flexibility of controlling everything yourself.

Call costs and features are included in all bundles making it easy to predict the cost of your phone system. Simple pricing like never before!


There are no limits on the number of users the system can support. Your people are empowered to control their communications with their own portal log-in.

It’s a simple secure service that just works!


Why Use Universe?

  • “What a fantastic easy way of managing our phone system! For anyone that wants a simple and affordable solution to phone lines then this is the one for you!” – The Recruiters Room
  • Simplicity:Universe is a user-friendly interface that anybody who knows how to use the internet can manage.
  • Security:Universe is a fully secure phone system that will assist you with GDPR 2018 compliance. Call encryption and call recording are included as standard.
  • Service:We o?er a fantastic service to our end users, with a great uptime and fabulous UK based support team!
  • Cost E?ciency:No upfront cost for any equipment, with our hardware-as-a-service and software-as-a-service model, your monthly plan covers everything, including talk time.
  • Free Upgrades:We are actively developing and adding features to our system and our end users are very much part of the process. We listen to you.
  • The bottom line:Giving you a great experience that allows you to focus on the more important matters with ease!



Key Universe Features


Universe is packed with all the telephony features you would expect from an advanced phone system. Here are just a few:



If you are interested in VoIP for your business give us a call today on 01604 582000. We will advise you on your needs and will help you to choose best subscription for your business.

We will provide all installation and configuration free of charge.

You can choose the handsets (most of them are free and include in subscription).

Boost your business in to the next level with VoIP.